Call for abstracts


  • Deadline for Registration: May 15, 2016

Registration fee and method of payment:
The fee should be paid in cash at the conference site.

  • Registration fee: 30,000 (JPY) (35,000 after May 15, 2016).
  • Registration fee for students: 20,000 (JPY).

Registration Form

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Abstract Submission

The abstract should be prepared in single space on an A4-size sheet (297 x 210 mm) with margins of 25 mm. Times New Roman font (12 pts for text) is recommended. The deadline for the abstract submission is May 30, 2016.

Please download the abstract template for the workshop.

Microsoft Word template for the abstract (RTF format)

Example of the abstract (PDF)

Abstract Submission Form

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Visa application

Visas issued from the Foreign Ministry of Japan are required to enter Japan from China, India, Russia, and the others. For the visa issue, participants who need visas should contact the Japanese Embassy in their own countries. If you require assistance in obtaining a travel Visa, you must request assistance from the Conference Chairperson/Executive Secretary.