IES and Springer Poster Awards

Three young scientists were awarded the IES and Springer International Prizes at AWEST 2016. IES Poster Award ◾Tomoka Abe, Kobe University ◾Hirona Takahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology Springer Poster Award ◾Yusuke Okuno, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Invited Speakers from Overseas

Robert Bittl (Free University in Berlin, Germany) Bela Bode (University of St Andrews, UK) Silvia Cavagnero (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) Yun-Wei Chiang (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) Sabrina Dunkel (University of Osnabrueck, Germany) Elka R. Georgieva (Cornell University, USA) Zhefeng Guo (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) Masaki Horitani...

Domestic Speakers Invited

Yutaka Amao (Osaka City University, Japan) Toshiaki Arata (Osaka University, Japan) Ritsuko Fujii (Osaka City University, Japan) Toshimichi Fujiwara (Osaka University, Japan) Osamu Hisatomi (Osaka University, Japan) Tatsuya Iwata (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan) Hiromi Kameya (Food Research Institute, NARO, Japan) Tomomi Kanno (Hokkaido University of Education, Japan) Akio...

Room reservations

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A schedule for AWEST2016

 June 19 June 20 June 21 June 22 AM Morning Session IES Fellowship Award Ceremony Morning Session Lunch & Photo Session Lunch Conference Excursion PM Registration Afternoon Session Afternoon Session EVE Welcome Reception Flash Presentations Opening Session Supper Poster Session Conference Banquet